Examples of the Oxford Process

"The road to war may look like a careful strategic assessment; more likely it is a deep fog of misunderstanding and misreading."

- Gabrielle Rifkind and Gianni Picco, Fog of Peace: How to Prevent War

Examples of the Oxford Process


2015 OXFORD: Discreet roundtable with senior representation from the Arab World. The aim of the meeting was to explore the proxy war in Syria and Yemen. Senior representation from the Middle East region around the table included Saudi Arabia and Iran.

2014 LONDON: Roundtable with Syrian opposition convened. The aim of the meeting was to examine the differences within the opposition groups and opportunities for strategic coherence.

2013 UK/MOSCOW: Quiet liaison with the Russians on the possibility of Assad signing a Chemical Weapons treaty. 

2013 OXFORD: Three roundtables on the Iranian nuclear crisis which explored possible openings for a deal on the Iranian nuclear issue. The Oxford Process also facilitated discreet meetings between Iranian FM and senior advisor to US government. 

2013 CAIRO: Meetings between Hamas and Fatah exploring the scope for reconciliation. 

2012 DOHA: Explored opportunities for Lebanese National Dialogue. 

2011-2012 ISTANBUL: Several meetings organized to explore strategic thinking between different Palestinian groups and the scope for managing radical disagreements between them.

2010-2012 CYPRUS:  A number of meetings across the Israeli political spectrum, including  participants who were  close  to the government . The aim was to explore strategic opportunities for peace making.

2009 DAMASCUS: Visits to Hamas leader Khalid Mashal with senior colleagues close to US government to increase their awareness of the Hamas agenda . 

2008 OXFORD: Meeting of high-level Saudi, Egyptian, Jordanian, US and Israeli officials to increase awareness of the Arab Peace Initiative. 

2008 RIYADH: Meeting hosted by Prince Turki Al-Faisal at the King Faisal Centre. Theme: what would a regional consensus on Iraq look like?

2008 AMMAN: Inclusive dialogue between Fatah, Hamas and independents: Theme: what is the scope for a shared vision?

2008 TEHRAN: Building on relationships for future discreet roundtables engaging Iran.