Our Added Value

Our Added Value

"It is so damn complex. If you ever think you have a solution to this, you're wrong, and you're dangerous. You have to keep listening and thinking and being critical and self-critical.”

Col. H. R. McMaster


Unencumbered by the bureaucratic constraints of governments and multilateral institutions, Oxford Process is able to be agile and nimble, working away from the spotlight.  We talk to people before it is politically acceptable for governments and multilateral institutions to do so.


Independent of vested interests, Oxford Process is able to adopt the role of a trusted third party, and act as a neutral broker.  We prepare parties for more official negotiation efforts.


Careful to complement the efforts of other constructive actors, Oxford Process depends on deeply established networks: contacts with governments, the UN and other international organisations, as well as specialists immersed in the region.  Its reputation lies in its trusted relationships.