Our Approach

Our Approach

"The road to war may look like a careful strategic assessment; more likely it is a deep fog of misunderstanding and misreading."

Gabrielle Rifkind and Gianni Picco

Oxford Process works to prevent, end or ameliorate violent conflict.  It has two work streams; the first being its active behind-the scenes mediation work and the second its provision of international mediation training.

Oxford Process ripens the conditions for official negotiations.  This may be best achieved through dialogue-inclusive roundtables; at other times, it can be achieved using quiet behind-the-scenes networks to bring the right people together; often one-to-one meetings are key.  It ably shifts between:

  • Catalysing discussions by bringing together parties from different sides of a conflict who otherwise could not or in any case would not speak;  

  • Supporting this process with experts in group dynamics, mediation, and specialised subjects pertinent to the particular conflict; 

  • Amplifying progress achieved by the leaders involved in discussions so that commitments made are embraced and enacted by the groups they represent.