The Retreat

The Story of Cats Abbey

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there." 


Oxford Process has a wonderful remote retreat. This special place, situated off the beaten track in the deep Cotswolds countryside, continues to act as the heart of the organisation by providing the venue for highly successful and discreet encounters between erstwhile adversaries. 

What happens at Cats Abbey is akin to what happens in a kitchen: ideas are cooked, ingredients are added, flavours are tasted and new recipes are experimented with. Aptly, discussions are held around a large kitchen table. The retreat has good connections to London and Heathrow Airport; but once arrived, participants will find themselves amidst delightful countryside, where homemade food and country walks are very much part of the experience.  Participants’ wellbeing is a high priority and close attention is paid to looking after those who visit.

Our experience is that offering an informal, comfortable working environment allows for more difficult conversations and promotes the best chance of engaging in a productive dialogue.  It can be essential preparation for more official negotiations.